Ecommerce Design and Development

As a leading Ecommerce Design and Development Agency, Southern Sons Group has both, relevant expertise as well as a proven track record of delivering the right Ecommerce development strategy, migration, integration, and support services because of the full-end range of comprehensive Ecommerce web development services.

As a reputed Ecommerce Design and Development agency, we inevitably ensure that the factors such as page speed, site performance, scalability of the platform, etc. are taken into account.


It is our engineers and developers intensive activity focused on making the ecommerce design come to life. A good web developer takes the screen design made by web designers, and turns them into dynamic and functional websites. Web designers first create mockups of your Ecommerce store such as buttons and sliders. Web developers make those elements actually work and functional.


While many web design companies in Johannesburg offer web design/developer hybrids, our marketing campaigns provide dedicated design and development departments for these activities. Ultimately, you need an ecommerce store that works seamlessly. Both for your customers and for you. Web Design for Online Stores must be responsive, have fast load times, be completely SEO optimized and have perfectly running servers and databases. All that can only be achieved by an expert Ecommerce Design and Development Agency focused on making sure your online store is running smoothly 24/7/365.

Web Design for Online Stores

The importance of Web Design for Online Stores in a marketing campaign or as part of a branding effort is undeniable. But not many people understand the real reasons behind this.

In summary, Ecommerce Design and Development for Online Shops means the plan and structure of how an Online Shop Design will look, feel and will be used by your customers. This includes the aesthetic aspects. Such as layout, colors and contrasts, font choice and sizing, textual consistency and unity. It also has to enclose all navigational aspects and how information will be presented to the end user. It comes as one of the most important factors that can make or break your marketing campaign. As a result your visitors might not even read a single line or even take a look at one of your products. Request a Free Quote for your Web Design for Online Stores today.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for Online Shops is crucial. We equip your Online Store with the latest standards for Search Engines and your customers find your products online.

Content Management Systems

Ideally we develop your Ecommerce Website together with a Content Management System such as WordPress. It comes fully equipped for SEO readiness.

Web Design

Before we start developing your Online Store we first design it and then hand it over to our developers for implementation. 

Workflow Automation

We can automate workflow processes starting from quotation requests to different contact groups in your database and much more.


We offer additional Webmaster and Maintenance packages for all our eCommerce Design and Developments. This includes security supervision, updates, reporting and updates.


Web Design for Online Shops need to be hosted on an appropriate Server. At Southern Sons we host all Online Shops on Cloud Servers such as Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.

Frequently asked questions

Why Do you need webdesign for online stores

Ecommerce Design and Development services are beneficial for those who wish to trade online or outsource their work. If you have a customer service website, selling online through an Online Shop is incredibly easy.

Are online shops effective?

The major benefits of Web Design for Online Stores are:

  • Outstanding shopping and marketing platform online
  • Ecommerce Design and Development will be preferably developed and design with WordPress as a platform and hosted on a Cloud Storage such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud
  • It provides a solid solution for any types of industries as well as retail, manufacturing, apparel, electronics, consumer goods and much more
  • Web Design for Online Stores can be integrated for smartphone and tablet devices such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone / iPad and Windows Phone 7 phones
  • Complete product portfolio and catalogs can be integrated, along with audio and video highlights for better user experience
Does an Online Shop boost my credibility?

Recent studies have discovered that your credibility will rise when you have a well structured and professional designed website and Online Shop. With more people making use of mobile phones you should consider having a mobile friendly website too.

More than 81% of customers will do their research online before they head into stores. Now it is the right time for you to boost your online business by hiring us as your website design companies in Johannesburg and Kempton Park Area.

Do you offer WordPress Maintenance and Development?

Southern Sons Group offers affordable WordPress website development, design, hosting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. A special part of our company focuses only on WordPress Maintenance and Support for our customers with affordable packages or custom made to your company’s needs.

WordPress is the best framework for Web Design for Online Shops ever with an overall piece of the pie of 63% of sites worked with a substance the board framework. In other words, 35.9% of all sites overall use WordPress. This makes it even more important that you find a reliable WordPress Maintenance Partner to take care and update your website to adhere to latest industry standards and trends.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit and manage the text and images of your website. It’s open source development and was developed by a large community. This enables the use of powerful plugins to make your online business to make your online business stand out from others.

Where do you offer eCommerce Design and Development services

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