Bespoke Mobile Applications

Let us create your mobile application for Android or iOS devices. Utilizing industry best practices and implementing maintainable support-focused code.

Application Development

We understand the work involved in developing an application for mobile devices or tablets. Our experienced developers can build customized Android, iOS or native and hybrid applications. We plan, develop and execute your mobile application from start to finish. Including submission to all relevant appstores.


App Development Services

We understand your baby, your app, needs careful planning. Thus we first create a process workflow prior development. We can also provide you with staging applications after each successful milestone.

At Southern Sons Group we can assist with the following customized solutions.



We understand that your application is your idea hence we agree signing Non Disclosure Agreements prior any developments.


It is important for us to ensure that we follow the workflows and user experience. This is to ensure that the app works as expected before we start building the graphical user interface.

Hardware Utilisation

We test all applications on different devices to ensure that it’s also supported by older version smartphones and operating systems.

Multipurpose Applications

Did you know that applications not necessary need to connect to the internet? We can create various types of applications which can be used either offline or online.


We offer special Maintenance and Support Plans for mobile applications. Depending on the scope and functions we will advise accordingly.

Hosting and Webservices

Nowadays we can work with a majority of access points to retrieve data from apps. Depending on the scope we can host this data on our premises or make use of web services.

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