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South African Businesses nowadays use the internet for advertising purposes. They make use of web design and web development companies or agencies that provide affordable SEO Services. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the online marketing strategy to make a website visual in search engines. Companies can compete at a world level even though they are small and just starting. The traditional way of advertising was that companies spent thousands of Rands on advertising campaigns. However, by making use of the internet, effective advertising will be performed by Analytics and SEO Experts.

South African SEO Experts can help your brand to achieve a decent rank within the search engine results pages. Let us have a look at the common services that you can expect from an SEO company in South Africa.

Keyword research

One of the most crucial aspects of SEO is keyword research. Before we make improvements on web site ranking to get more visitors, an SEO agency in South Africa works on the keywords first. Usually each page of your website should have one or two keywords. Your website needs to have enough pages and keywords to cover every detail of your business. 

Keyword example

If your business offers roof repairs, replacements and inspections, the keywords should cover these areas, like, “repairing a roof”, “fixing a roof”, “roof repair” or “residential roof repair” and more. If you choose keywords to depend upon these three factors, like how relevant it is for your business, how many people will search it and the way competitive the keyword is. SEO Specialists in South Africa use tools for their keyword research. This provides an insight into the Keyword Market and demand and permits the business to know the customers’ requirements directly.

Onpage Optimization

Search engines like Google or Bing need to understand what a website is about. SEO and Analytics Companies in South Africa  modify the content of the website along with the technical requirements so it becomes easy for Google to read. What SEO experts do is to create a beautiful and keyword-relevant tag. SEO Specialists are known to include keywords within the main text as part of text optimization. Lastly they optimize the anchor text of links and put a keyword on pictures.

Link building

By making use of keywords isn’t the only way that will help your business to earn higher rankings. There are many pages that contain similar phrases and terms. So what does a Search Engine like Google do in this case? They count the value and quantity of links that point to the page. An honest quality link is that the one that comes from a page that has shared content. SEO Agencies in South Africa always specialize in quality and quantity whilst performing on link-building.

Technical website audit

Google has developed tools that allow SEO Experts and SEO Agencies to give more details about your website’s content. As SEO Experts are experienced with these tools and techniques. We know of to use and implement them on your web site. Technical website audits can vary in scope, costs and size. If your company website is a standard corporate website, a less technical SEO is required. Whereas, e-commerce websites for example, require a more in-depth SEO audit due to its technicality and number of pages and links. A technical audit can be one of the most expensive services. The service isn’t recurring because it is required only once a year.

Hiring an SEO Expert might be a good idea to extend your company’s awareness and visibility within the market. Take advantage of  these services from a reputable Analytics and SEO Agency and see how your business will lead within the market.

WordPress SEO

Initially, WordPress was a blogging platform. Now it has grown into a full content management system that millions of businesses use to power their websites. Making use of WordPress as a platform significantly reduces website maintenance costs, as you do not need to learn much about coding an entire website completely from scratch. 

Another benefit is that you do not need to study IT Management and can easily add new content yourself. These basics are very simple and if you want your WordPress-powered website to really stand out, you need expert Web Design Agency.

That’s where our WordPress web design becomes key and vital for you as a customer. If you already have a WordPress website and need help adding more functions and plugins, or would like to make use of a CMS website where you can easily add fresh content, this product is perfect for you.

As SEO Experts we love WordPress Web Design because the platform integrates extremely well with SEO. Besides building great-looking and highly functional websites for our clients, it also makes our job very simple because of making them rank higher in search results simpler.

How we can help you to optimize your website

Boost Website Traffic

We improve the number of high quality visits by narrowing down the target audience for paid ads for example.

Pay Per Click

Let us reach out to your target market by applying various strategies for your target audience.

Website Inspection

Yes we can come up with a fast SEO Strategy but this will not necessarily increase your traffic. A good website is a healthy website.

Code Optimization

We can improve your website speed by optimizing the code of your website. We also look at reducing loading times by improving or replacing Plugins.

Server Optimization

Did you know that sitting on a shared server has a direct impact on your local SEO? At Southern Sons we offer various hosting options from hand-picked providers.

Database Cleanup

Like your car’s engine: When the engine is clocked up it reduced speed. The same applies to your website, when your database is clocked up it looses power.

Analytics and SEO Services for our inhouse products


Easy Accounting

Easy Accounting is a SaaS Web Development Product by Southern Sons Group. This platform was developed in 2019 for small companies and entrepreneurs that struggle keeping track of their income and expenses. Easy Accounting simplifies invoices and expense tracking, helping you save time and money. Create your first invoice in less than 60 seconds. 

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is the best framework ever with an overall piece of the pie of 63% of sites worked with a substance the board framework. In supreme terms, 35.9% of all sites overall use WordPress. This makes it even more important that you find a reliable WordPress Maintenance Partner to take care and update your website to adhere to latest industry standards and trends.

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