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Listen to the PowerFM 98.7 Breakfast Show Interview with our MD Martin where he speaks about our latest development, Project LEOTA.

In our research it was established that South Africa has a huge problem when it comes to Managing the enforcement of the rules or laws for motor vehicles on our public or private roads. For the past 3 years the Development and Research Team at Southern Sons Group (PTY) Ltd. busy designing, developing and prototyping an online and mobile application which we call ?Project LEOTA?. It is a handy tool for law enforcement and security officials to check, track and identify traffic offenders, issue traffic fines and create incident reports speedily on the spot / paperless and modern. conveniently with no waiting time also identifies persons of interest with outstanding warrant.

This Toolkit was designed for the Public Law Enforcement Sector as well as Private Security Companies. Out of ?Project LEOTA? we have designed and developed 2 highly customizable products which is LEOTA (Law Enforcement Official Toolkit Application) and SOTA (Security Official Toolkit Application).

LEOTA ? The New Era of Law Enforcement

Project LEOTA is a mobile application which can be used by various law enforcement departments such as Metro Police, SAPS, National Traffic Police, Community Safety Officers. It also makes provision for Police Stations and Border Posts to capture incidents, foreign drivers or foreign vehicles. Mobile Units (street patrol) have the application installed on a smartphone (Android). This application has several security features that it can be locked remotely, users/password identification and more.
The LEOTA Application links to a secure database on the Southern Sons Servers which is then linked to the RTMC Database, SARS, eNATIS etc. The embedded mobile camera ensures that the driver?s license or vehicle disc can be scanned and checked with the backends and access points provided to verify the identity of the driver/vehicle.

LEOTA Key Features

  • Scanning of Driver?s License to verify Validity, AARTO Status etc
  • Scanning of Vehicle License disc to verify validity, ownership and status (for example stolen)
  • Immediate road user identification
  • Immediate vehicle identification
  • Capturing of Traffic Offences and immediate processing
  • Capturing of Incidents and Accidents
  • Logging feature for KPI and Statistics

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