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We bring together Strategy, Project Planning, User Experience, Web Design & Web Development and Data-Driven Digital Marketing.

Web Design Agency

We bring together Strategy, Project Planning, User Experience, Design & Development and Data-Driven Digital Marketing.

Web Development Agency

We are based in Kempton Park, Gauteng and cover the whole of Ekurhuleni such as Boksburg, Benoni, Edenvale, Bedfordview and more.

Web Development

Whether you want to bring in new amazing products and services to the market, or want to discover new ways of marketing. We are here to boost your website to the world wide web.

Web Design

The importance of Web Design in a marketing campaign or as part of a branding effort is undeniable.

Web Hosting

We have the technical resources to host your website, custom development or even mobile application.

Web Design and Web Development Agency

At Southern Sons Group we praise ourselves as a first class Web Design Agency in Kempton Park. We specialize in Creative Web Strategy, Design and Web Development. We deliver customized client solutions. As a Web Design Agency we help to develop, improve and grow your business and take care of all your Online Business needs. Our team of dedicated and motivated consultants will guide you from start to the finish-line.

What is Web Design?

The importance of Web Design in a marketing campaign or as part of a branding effort is undeniable. But not many people understand the real reasons behind this.

Web Design means the plan and structure of how a website will look, feel and will be used by your customers. This includes the aesthetic aspects. Such as layout, colors and contrasts, font choice and sizing, textual consistency and unity. It also has to enclose all navigational aspects and how information will be presented to the end user. It comes as one of the most important factors that can make or break your marketing campaign. As a result your visitors might not even read a single line or even take a look at one of your products.

Therefore, all of these efforts combined with the principles of professionalism to create a website that meets your business goals of our website design Johannesburg company. We are a first class website design Johannesburg designer aiming to exceed our customers expectations.

Does your Business need a professional web design company?

The process of earning and gaining the trust of your customers starts with the first impression they get when they visit your website for the first time. To clarify, 94% of people tend not to trust a website with poor web design. Anything that looks outdated, too busy, or just boring will discourage your visitors from even reading further what your company has to offer. Certainly your company needs expert web designers. A Web Design Agencies job is not only to help you rank higher in SERPs. You must make sure your visitors arrive visually comforting and to easily navigate on the landing pages. In conclusion this will guarantee higher conversion rates.

What does a Web Designer do?

Our Web designers take care of the navigation aspects of your website. An efficient and understandable navigation and product display makes it easier for your visitors to browse through your entire website and provide a clear conversion path.

Furthermore also other elements come into play during the website design phase. A good web designer has to consider your company’s branding, colors, logos, images and even catchphrases. Thus we create an effective communication tool from your company to your customers. The process is called Brand Consistency and has a lot of weighting during your solid marketing campaign. Also, readability of text on mobile and desktop is crucial. If you want your content to be read and memorized by your visitors you need to take of this. A piece of text that is difficult to read or looks boring, will never be read and the key message forgotten.

What is Web Development?

In short, It is our engineers and coders intensive activity focused on making the website design come to life. A good web developer takes the sketches made by designers, and turns them into dynamic and functional websites.

Web designers first create mockups of your website such as buttons and sliders. Web developers will make sure that those elements actually work and functional.

Do you need a dedicated Web Design Company?

Whilst many web design companies in Johannesburg outsource their designers or developers, our campaigns provide dedicated design and development departments for these activities. Ultimately, you need a website that works seamlessly. Both for your customers and for you. Your website must be responsive, have fast loading times. In addition the website has to be completely SEO optimized and have perfectly running servers and databases. All this can only be achieved by an expert web design agency focused on making sure your website is running smoothly at all times.

Content Development and Management

When your visitors arrive on your website and it does not trigger any feelings or creates mistrust, content becomes the main focus of their attention. More than 83% of visitors trust websites because of what they read. This is not an unimportant number as conversion depends a lot on the trust your visitors place in you as a company. There is a reason why content is king in marketing. Without good and readable content, your marketing efforts are most likely to fail. Your website and products deserve content that drive people to keep reading, share and consume.

What is Content Development?

Content development is the part of our marketing strategy that focuses on creating valuable, relevant, consistent and engaging information about your products or services. It takes many elements into account such as your target audience, most recent social media trends and keyword research.

Why do you Content Creators?

People who perform searches on the internet are always looking for straight answers to whatever they are searching for. Search engines are aware of this and will most likely  reward websites that provide relevant, original and rich content for their visitors. Having a top level content creation team on your side is the best way to guarantee a spot on the first pages of search engines.

But there is more to it than just rankings. Well written and engaging content will also prove to your visitors that your company can be trusted. Content should not only be used to advertise but also to engage and build a solid communication connection with your customers and visitors.

This is why content creation is linked unavoidably with conversion optimization. The better the content, the more you will convert visitors into customers. In addition, content is also deeply linked to web design as both will work together to make sure that all the effort put into your marketing campaign is a success.

WordPress as Content Management System

A Content Management System is where all elements of web design and development come together. You should focus more on running your company than in the technical aspects of running a website. Content management systems were created by developers to give clients full control over their content. You don’t need to know anything about design or coding. We offer customized WordPress Development for our customers combined with maintenance and webmaster services so that you do not need to take care of all the nitty gritty things in the background.

Why do you need a Content Management System like WordPress

After a successful marketing campaign that has required extensive web and content development which was implemented, you might want to be able to edit and add content without depending on extensive coding knowledge. Our Web Developers will set up a content management system for you so that you can perform simple but important actions such as adding products or more services, or even posting a news or blog post. All these newly created pages or posts will carry the same design and content elements which we developed to retain the same brand image and SEO optimization as the rest of your website.

Some of our amazing clients

Frequently asked questions

Why Do you need a website?

Having a website will not only help with the following.

  • Improve Business Credibility.
  • Enhance Your Online Presence.
  • Boost Your Reputation as an Authority.
  • Professionalize Your Brand

But it also provides additional details about your company that will boost exposure and visibility.

Let us create your virtual identity for your successful business. We have more than 8 years of experience in the industry and creating smart and trendy designs. We provide quality website design at affordable prices.

Are websites even effective?

A website can be more cost effective than any other traditional marketing as you will be able to showcase your entire portfolio. You can encourage your visitors to purchase your products online. A well developed website makes it possible to be accessible 24/7, 365 days a year as it does not have any operating hours.

What about my products?

Make it easier for your customers to view and inspect your products online and add extra features. It will make it better for your customers to understand your product and they can inquire directly online.

Does a website boost my credibility?

Recent studies have discovered that your credibility will rise when you have a well structured and professional designed website. With more people making use of mobile phones you should consider having a mobile friendly website too.

More than 81% of customers will do their research online before they head into stores. Now it is the right time for you to boost your online business by hiring us as your website design companies in Johannesburg and Kempton Park Area.

Do you offer WordPress Maintenance and Development?

Southern Sons Group offers affordable WordPress website development, design, hosting and search engine optimization services. A special part of our company focuses only on WordPress Maintenance and Support for our customers with affordable packages or custom made to your company’s needs.

WordPress is the best framework ever with an overall piece of the pie of 63% of sites worked with a substance the board framework. In other words, 35.9% of all sites overall use WordPress. This makes it even more important that you find a reliable WordPress Maintenance Partner to take care and update your website to adhere to latest industry standards and trends.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit and manage the text and images of your website. It’s open source development and was developed by a large community. This enables the use of powerful plugins to make your online business to make your online business stand out from others.

Where do you offer Web Design and Development services

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